A Reply to the Bild

There is this habit in some of the German newspapers to read Greek political cartoons in a reversed way. The cartoonists are of course NOT against the victims of violence and prejudice (Jews then – Greeks nowadays), but against the victimizer. The victimizers were then the Nazis, nowadays the German politics of austerity. Then Nazis supported that “Jews are responsible for everything”, nowadays some media, as for example the Bild, hold that “all Greeks are lazy”.

Nowadays, in political cartoons of many Greek cartoonists, takes place (by exaggeration) a parallel comparison of the far and painful past to nowadays events, because, when memory does not exist, peoples are taught nothing by History and can very easily repeat the same mistakes.

Many Greek pensioners have lived, during their youth, the Nazi occupation and nowadays re-live the German politics of austerity that have led them to the limit of poverty or under, without any medication, without dignity…
On the other hand the rate of births has become so low that its only analogue is the Nazi occupation years. What is this that the Bild doesn’t understand?

Unless they want to pose a bailout to humor too, so that Greeks will be obliged to think of themselves the way the Bild and others like them, see us.



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